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Form Fillup For General Course

  Saturday, 24 Oct 2020
Date of Birth
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Name of the School
No. of 'Language Subjetc(s)' studied in H.S./Equivalent Course
 Statement of marks obtained in the H.S./Equivalent Examination * In case of Vocational Council, do not enter the marks of Environmental Studies
Subject Full Marks (Theo) Full Marks (Prac/Oral/Project) Marks Obtained (Theo) Marks Obtained (Prac/Oral/Project) Total Marks Obtained
English  Compulsory           0 to 100
Compulsory           0 to 100
            0 to 100
            0 to 100
          0 to 100
            0 to 100
Total Marks Best Five    
Applicant may choose General Subject(s) as per his/her choice. But finally the said subject(s) will be offered to him/her on availability or eligibility at the time of admission.
* If an applicant ofts for Defence Studies, there is a minimum height criterion of 66 inches for boys and 60 inches for girls.
Srl. No.StreamCourse TypeDSC IDSC II AECC Lang. CoreAECCMerit Point
Madhyamik Admit Card.Not more than 150kb 

H.S. Marksheet  Not more than 150kb  
Please confirm Date of Birth then submit your Application Form.